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airfuge & dtt
Posted: 25 May 2012 07:45 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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We’ve started in on using our aifuge!
We run all of our crossmatches with and without DTT and recently decided to dtt treat the serum directly in the polyallomer tubes.
We are seeing what we’re calling “glops” in the DTT treated serum tubes that are spun in the airfuge. Those that are spun and then may sit for a time as we get all of the tubes spun (since one can only spin 6 tubes at a time) and while we isolate and pronase the cells for flow crossmatching are the problem tubes.

All serum is fully clotted in red top tubes as far as we can tell. Is frozen at -80C and thawed before treatment with dtt. We did a parallel setup in beckman tubes (spun and unspun in an eppendorf 5417C at 14,000rpm) and did not see any “glops”.

A theory being batted around concerns fibrin...but why we might only be seeing it in the dtt treated, spun aifuge tubes?

Curious what your lab might have seen.
Curious how your lab is processing your serum for testing.